Mrs. Ebben


6th grade science is primarily life science. Here are our units of study:

  • What is science?
  • Ecology
  • Cells
  • Disease
  • Reproduction/Genetics
  • Evolution
  • Biomedical engineering

Our SEPUP textbook is not a traditional science textbook. Rather, it is a collection of procedures for HOW do the work in class. Students should use their binder with notes and classwork to help them study for tests or complete homework. If a student is absent, or needs access to the textbook outside of class, they can come in during an ELT access day or most things will be available on the homework at a glance page.

Helpful Websites

SEPUP Website Links to activity supplements, videos, etc. from our Science book.

Scientific American Science Activities Check out the Scientific American website, they post cool science activities that you can check out at home.

BrainPop Games Link to videos and games through BrainPop.

Science News for Students Science news articles for students.

Spanish Text Book

SEPUP Cell Simulation



The math textbook should be brought home each night for homework and brought back to school the next day for in class work.

If you are worried about your student carrying their book back and forth you can purchase an e-book license.

Parents may purchase a one-year eBook license of their student's book for $10 through CPMs e-Commerce website.

If you choose not to buy the e-book, there are still many resources on the CPM website.

Link to CPM online:

Here you can get homework help, access resource pages, and more!

Extra Practice Problems

Please use the following link to access additional practice problems. Parents this is a great resource for you to help your student in this course!

Practice Math Concepts

If you are looking for extra practice on any of the concepts we learn in 6th grade use this link!

Even More Practice Problems

Even more practice...


TenMarks program

Use this program to help you cement and practice concepts learned in math class.

Area Decomposer Tool

Use this link to help you visualize how to cut up parallelograms to rearrange as rectangles.

Pattern Block Tool

Use these to help you practice area.

Tile Tool

Here's a tile tool to practice with base ten, algebra, negative/positive tiles. It's pretty great!

HistoBoxStem Tool

Here's the cool tool we use to help us graph histograms in class:

Area Tool

Here's the cool tool we used to help us find the area of new shapes:

Algebra Tile Tool

Here's the cool tool we used in class to see how changing the variable would change the size of some of the algebra tiles:

Moby Max

Login to practice your math skills.

Khan Academy

Use it a little or a lot to practice or get help on math skills. Concepts are organized by grade level and are searchable.

Here are videos that we watch in class or are recommended in class.

Use them to help you with homework, review for tests, or to share what you've been learning in class with your families.