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Curran - mcurran@mcpasd.k12.wi.us - 829-9501
VandeSande - mvandesande@mcpasd.k12.wi.us - 829-9512

Classroom Info:

* Grades are always current on the parent portal.
Grades are no longer posted in paper format.  Students and parents are expected to check grades on the parent portal!  Portal link on right!

The majority of our assignments and projects and are completed in class. We try to give students enough class time to complete their work here at school. However, if a student falls behind in their work, books and supplies can be checked out for completion of the work at home.
Late Assignments:
Assignments and projects should be turned in on their due dates. We will accept late work at a 50% reduction after the date that it was due.
It is the students responsibility to request and make up work missed due to an excused absence. This includes field trips!  Upon return from an absence, students will have the number of days absent to complete the work.
Extra Lab Time:
We are currently running an open lab in the morning by appointment ONLY!  Students are welcome to come in and work on any school projects during lunch and ELT time.  There is NO time available after school.
Progress Reports:
Progress reports are handed out at mid-quarter. Every student receives a progress report regardless of their class status. 
Electronic Devices:  
No electronic devices of any kind are allowed in class including: iPods, cell phones, MP3 players, etc.
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this program takes a long time to download!

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