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Summer Math Practice (updated 7/15/15 at 4:45pm)
I hope everyone is having a great summer. It appears that CPM has updated their website and is missing some of the family resources. Resources are still out there, and I'll try to help by linking those resources. Sorry for any confusion. 
Current ClassCheckpoint Problems Review this year's math concepts Preview next year's math concepts  
CC1CC1CC1 - ReviewCC2 - Preview 
CC2CC2CC2 - ReviewCC3 - Preview 
CC3CC3CC3 - ReviewCheck with Mrs. Hungness 







  • If you'd like to bring your own electronic device, as a learning / work tool, a parent must sign and return this waiver (click here). A device might be a laptop, tablet, or smart phone. As long as the device is used as a tool, it's welcome in my classroom. 
  • Check out what resources are available at the Middleon Youth Center - including homework help:

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