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Next Tuesday (4/28), we'll resume the Badger Exam. Remember to...
  • bring your ear buds or head phones.
  • get plenty of rest Wednesday night.
  • eat a good breakfast and lunch.
  • use relaxation breathing and be confident. You're awesome!
 Please see our block's home page to learn more about the Badger Exam and our schedule for 6th graders at KMS.







    Please sign and return the waiver if you're interested in participating in yoga during ELT.
  • If you'd like to bring your own electronic device, as a learning / work tool, a parent must sign and return this waiver (click here). A device might be a laptop, tablet, or smart phone. As long as the device is used as a tool, it's welcome in my classroom. 
  • Check out what resources are available at the Middleon Youth Center - including homework help:

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