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Week of September 8

posted Sep 8, 2014, 7:01 AM by Sherry Jacobsen
Monday:  Discuss different sciences and scientists
            Practice senses observations
            *Safety Contract
            *Upham Woods forms (7) due 9/19

Tuesday:  Perform 1st Experiment
            Demo procedures
            Perform Milk lab
            *Finish Questions

Wednesday:  Introduce Fred in Saving Fred activity #1
            Do anticipation guide
            Read p. A 3-4

Thursday:  Perform Saving Fred activity
            Discuss steps 
            *Analysis p. A 7 #4-6

Friday:  Discuss answers
            Introduce Pellegra activity #2
            Read p. A 8
            Watch video clip
Jacobsen Social Studies
Monday:  Practice finding KMS and BlockR websites
            Practice finding textbook online
            Show Study Blue app
            *Vocab Box 1

Tuesday:  Introduce textbook
            Do scavenger hunt
            *Finish scavenger hunt

Wednesday:  Caravans
            Discuss Hemispheres
            Hemisphere Drama
            *Hemisphere practice

Thursday:  Caravans
            Discuss Latitude Lines
            *Finish Latitude practice

Friday:  Caravans
            Discuss Longitude Lines
            *Finish Longitude practice