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Week of September 26

posted Sep 26, 2016, 2:12 PM by Sherry Jacobsen

Monday:  Discuss Safety Quiz
                Check for missing work
                Intro Can You Feel the Difference? (5)
                Read pages A 20
                Perform procedure A
                *Missing Work

Tuesday:  Do procedure B
                Create graph
                *Analysis p A 24 #4,6

Wednesday:  Read Studying People Qualitatively and Quantitatively
                page A 30-32
                Do Stop and Write questions in binder
                *Analysis p. A 33 #1,2,4,5 due 10/3

Thursday:  APT field trip
Friday:  Intro Data Toss (8) lab
            Read p. A 34
            Do procedures 1-3
            *Analysis p. A 33 #1,2,4,5

Jacobsen Literacy
Monday:  Read Day 8 of Comedy of Errors
                Continue work on Emotional Timeline
                *Read 30 minutes & practice emotional timeline
                *Choice Journal #4 due 9/30

Tuesday:  Read Day 9 of Comedy of Errors
                Introduce a Infographic
                *Choice Journal #4 due 9/30
                *Read 30 minutes & practice infographic
Wednesday:  Take Quiz from Days 6-9 of Comedy of Errors
                Introduce the Know/Wonder strategy
                *Read 30 minutes & practice K/W
                *Choice Journal #4 due 9/30 
                *Pack a lunch and weather appropriate clothing

Thursday: APT

Friday:     APT actor talk back
                Comedy of Errors reflection
                *Read 30 minutes