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Week of September 24, 2012

posted Sep 25, 2012, 12:31 PM by Sherry Jacobsen   [ updated Sep 25, 2012, 12:32 PM ]
Monday:  Read p. A20-22 Can You Feel the Difference? (activity 5)
               Perform personal observations in binder
               *Anaylsis p. A19 #8
               *Pizza Hut fund raiser money due 10/1
Tuesday: Read p. A22-24 Can You Feel the Difference
              Perform lab with partner
              Graph results in binder
              *Analysis p. A23 #4 ,6
              *Pizza Hut fund raiser money due 10/1
Wednesday:  Read p. A30-33 Studying People: Qualitatively and Quantitantively (activity 7)
               Answer 5 Stop and Think questions in binder
               *Analysis p. A33 #1-5 (skip 3)
               *Pizza Hut fund raiser money due 10/1
Thursday:  Read p. A34 Data Toss (activity 8)
               Discuss variables
               Perform one hand cathc experiment
               *Anaylsis p. A37 #1-5 (skip 3)
               *Pizza Hut fund raiser money due 10/1
Friday:  Design own Data Toss experiment
             Read p. A36
            Get approval of lab from Mrs. Jacobsen
             *Turn in all Pizza Hut money and unsold coupons by 10/1
Monday:  Check Asia and Central America Maps
              Discuss Review answers
              Practice for test
              *GREAT topic ideas due 1/25
              *Geography Test 1/26
              *N. Africa and S. America Maps
Tuesday:  GREAT class
               *Geography Test 1/26
Wednesday:  Take Geography Test
                 Check N. Africa Map and South America Maps
                 Turn in geography vocab boxes
Thursday:  Finish Caravan Simulation
                Discuss Test
                Introduction Early Humans Unit
                Read Pea-Pod Man story (Eskimo myth)
Friday:  Continue discussion with creation stories and evolution
            Read The Angry Gods story (Tahitian myth)
            Read the Legend of the Miwok Tribe (Native American Legend)
            Read over vocab
            *Do 1 vocab box