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Week of September 23

posted Sep 20, 2013, 3:07 PM by Sherry Jacobsen
Monday:  Read p. A20
                Perform Can You Feel the Difference? activity #5-part A
                Write down data
                *Fund Raiser Ends 9/27
Tuesday:  Perform part B of activity 5
                 Create graph of class data
                *Analysis p. A24 #4, 6
                *Fund Raiser Ends 9/27
Wednesday: Read p. A30-33
                Studying People Qualitatively and Quantitatively activity 7
                Do Stop and Thinks 1-5
                *Analysis, p. A33 #1-5 (skip 3)
                *Fund Raiser Ends 9/27
Thursday:  Read p. A34
                  List variables for Data Toss activity 8
                *Fund Raiser Ends - Turn in all $ and extra coupons
Friday:  Perform Data Toss lab Part A
            *Analysis p. A37 #1-5 (skip 3)
Jacobsen Social Studies
Monday: GREAT
                *GREAT projects due 12/2
                *Vocab Box #4
Tuesday:  Explore countries in Europe
                *Vocab Box #5, Europe Map
                *Geography Assessment 9/27
Wednesday:  Explore the Americas and Asia
                *Vocab Box #6, Americans and Asia Maps
                *Geography Assessment 9/27
Thursday:  Review for Geography Assessment
                *Geography Assessment 9/27
Friday:  Take Assessment