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Week of September 16

posted Sep 16, 2013, 5:53 PM by Sherry Jacobsen
Monday:  Practice writing a science paragraph
                Introduce Clinical Trials
                Read pages A11-14
                Perform Clinical Trial Procedures 1-8
                *Analysis p. A9 #2b
Tuesday:  Discuss Class Results
                 Treatment and Control Group
                 Create graph of results
                 Placebo Effect
                *Analysis p. A14 #1-4
Wednesday:Review Safety senarios
                    Read p. A15-16 Testing Medicines Scientifically
                    Do 3 Read and Writes
                    *Safety Quiz on 9/20
Thursday: Practice Analyzing Clinical Trial Data
                 Work on Analysis p. A17 #1-5
                  *Safety Quiz on 9/20
Friday:  Take Safety Quiz
              Interpret Data
              *Analysis p. A18 #7-8
Jacobsen Social Studies
Monday:  GREAT
                *Brainstorm project ideas
Tuesday:  Move Caravans around the World
                 Discuss Hemisphere practice
                 Introduce Latitude lines
                 *Latitude wkst
Wednesday: Move Caravans around the World
                    Discuss Latitude wskt
                    Introduce Longitude lines
                    *Longitude wkst
Thursday:  Move Caravans around the World
                Discuss Longitude wkst
                Practice Coordinates
                *Coordinates wkst
Friday:  Move Caravans around the World
            Discuss Coordinates wkst
            Practice finding American Cities
            *Cities in the World Map