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Week of September 15

posted Sep 12, 2014, 2:25 PM by Sherry Jacobsen
Monday:  Continue discuss on Pellagra (activity 2)
                Practice observations vs inferences
                Do p. 9 in binder
                Discuss steps of scientific method and p. A 9 #1-2
                *Analysis p. A 9 #2 b
                *Lab Safety wkst    
                *Safety Quiz 9/22
                *Upham Woods forms (7) due 9/19

Tuesday:  Discuss p. A 9 #3, 6
                Read about Clinical Trials (3) p. A 11-14
                Perform Trial
                *Safety Quiz 9/22
                 *Upham Woods forms (7) due 9/19

Wednesday:  Collect Class Data
                Graph Data
                *Analysis p. A 14 #1-4
                *Safety Quiz 9/22
                 *Upham Woods forms (7) due 9/19

Thursday:  Discuss Lab Safety answers
                Read about Testing Medicines Scientifically (4)
                Read p. A 15-16
                Practice Stop and Write
                *Safety Quiz 9/22
                 *Upham Woods forms (7) due 9/19

Friday:  Discussion about Placebos
            Read p. A 16-17
            Do Stop and Write
            *Analysis p. A 17 #1-5 due 9/23
             *Safety Quiz 9/22
Jacobsen Social Studies
Monday:  Caravans Move
                Work on Global terms
                Practice terms with color
                *Finish Global Basics

Tuesday:  Caravans Move
                Discuss Global answers
                Practice Longitude
                *Finish Longitude Practice

Wednesday: Caravans Move
                Discuss Longitude answers
                Practice Latitude and Longitude together
                Practice with American Cities wkst
                *Vocab Box #4

Thursday: Caravans Move
                Finish American Cities plotting
                Discuss about maps
                Practice continents and oceans
                *Finish continents and oceans

Friday:     Caravans Move
                Practice Latitude and Longitude on World Map
                Practice countries in Western Hemisphere
                *Finish labeling Western Hemisphere