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Week of September 11

posted Sep 12, 2017, 7:27 PM by Sherry Jacobsen
Monday:  Discuss ways the scientists observe
                Practice using the senses
                *Safety contract due 9/13
                *Upham Woods forms due 9/15

Tuesday: Perform Prediction and Observation lab
                answer conclusion questions
                *Safety contract due 9/13
                *Upham Woods forms due 9/15 
Wednesday:  Set the stage for unit 1
                Discuss science standards
                Answer anticipation guide questions
                *Upham Woods forms due 9/15

Thursday:  Perform Saving Fred lab
                do analysis #1-3
              *Upham Woods forms due 9/15

Friday:  Introduce the history of Pellagra
                Watch video
Monday:  Begin generating ideas for a personal narrative
                 Discuss realistic fiction novels
                 Read chapters 2-3 in Slacker
                *Read 30 minutes
                *Choice Journal #1

Tuesday: Discuss essential parts of a personal narrative
                Discuss fantasy/sci fiction/mystery novels
                *Read 30 minutes
                *Write a  sample personal narrative

Wednesday:  Discuss standards for personal narrative
                Generate ideas for choice journal #2
                Discuss historical fiction and suspense novels
                Read chapter 3 in Slacker
                *Read 30 minutes
                *Write a sample of a personal narrative

Thursday:  Practice writing a lead
                Discuss nonfiction novels
              *Read 30 minutes
              *Write 3 different leads

Friday:   Intro FPS
                Choose a lead
                Discuss sports/adventure/graphic novel/classics novels
                Read chapter 4 in Slacker
              *Read 30 minutes