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Week of October 3

posted Sep 30, 2016, 3:06 PM by Sherry Jacobsen
Monday:  Check for missing work
                Introduce Data Toss (8)
                Read page A 34
                Create variables to control
                *Missing Work

Tuesday: Perform Data Toss lab
                Begin Part B: Design own experiment
                *Analysis p. A 37 #1,2,4,5

Wednesday: Get experiment approval
                Perform experiment 
                *Experiment Data collected

Thursday:  Begin creation of a formal lab report
                *Type first 3 items on check list
                *Bring Upham Woods supply list
Friday:  Continue Formal lab report
                *Type 4 & 5 on check list
                *Find a warm coat, hat, and gloves
Jacobsen Literacy
Monday:  Introduce Personal Narratives
                Create a On Demand writing
                Continue work on Know/Wonder chart
                *Read 30 minutes & practice Know/Wonder chart
                *Choice Journal #5 due 10/7

Tuesday:  Begin brainstorm of ideas for narrative (people)
                Introduce a pressure map
                *Choice Journal #5 due 10/7
                *Read 30 minutes & pressure map
Wednesday:  Brainstorm ideas for narrative (events)
                Introduce the Post It strategy
                *Read 30 minutes & practice Post It
                *Choice Journal #5 due 10/7 
Thursday: Reading strategy long write
                Discuss small versus large moment for narratives
                *Read 30 minutes & practice Post It
                *Choice Journal #5 due 10/7 

Friday:     Realistic Fiction book club talk
                *Read 30 minutes