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Week of October 1

posted Oct 1, 2012, 7:36 PM by Sherry Jacobsen
Monday:      Perform Data Toss lab
                    Record class data
                   *Analysis p. A37 #1-5 (skip 3)
Tuesday:      Discuss Data Toss Part B
                     Create own investigative experiment
                     Get Mrs. Jacobsen's approval
                    *Upham Woods payment due 10/8
                     *Bring Upham Woods supply list
Wednesday:  Upham Woods preparation
                      Discuss what and how to pack
                      *Find a warm coat and rain gear
                     *Upham Woods payment due 10/8
Thursday    Upham Woods preparation
                     Discuss schedules and classes
                     *Find a warm hat and gloves
                     *Upham Woods payment due 10/8
Friday:      APT Field Trip
                 *Upham Woods payment due 10/8
 Jacobsen Social Studies
Monday:    Read Creation Stories
                    Miwok Tribe (Native American legend)
                    Angry Gods (Tahatian legend)
                Read Theory of Evolution
                *Do Vocab Box 1
Tuesday:    GREAT class
                    *Evolution wkst
Wednesday:Introduce Bones and Stones Game
                      Introduce and Play vocab game
                     *Do Vocab Box 2
Thursday:    Read Lesson 1 p. 1-3
                    Discussion of "Lucy"
                    Perform "Reconstructing Lucy" drama
                    Introduce Hominad groups
                    *Do Vocab Box 3
Friday:       APT Field Trip