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Week of November 9

posted Nov 6, 2015, 3:26 PM by Sherry Jacobsen   [ updated Nov 15, 2015, 6:45 PM ]
Monday:  Review for Unit A assessment
        Go over correct answers on study guide
        *Unit A assessment on 11/11

Tuesday:  Finish Evaluating Clinical Trials (10)
        Read p. A 45-46
        Fill in Discussion Web
        *Analysis p. A 46 #3 due 11/12
        *Unit A assessment on 11/11

Wednesday:  Take Unit A assessment

Thursday:  Introduce Unit F evolution
        Change seats, partners, new journal procedures
       Analyze Formal Report assessment

Friday:   Intro Here Today, Gone Tomorrow (89)
        Read p. F4-8
        Complete reading guide

Jacobsen Literacy
Monday:  Take Spelling Bee screener
        Go to library for check out
        *Read 30 minutes
        *Journal #1 due 11/12

Tuesday:  Analyze MAPS information
        Analyze Personal Narrative assessment
        Practice with run on sentences
        Begin conference prep
        *Read 30 minutes
        *Journal #1 due 11/12

Wednesday:  Looking at "deeper meaning"  through A Stolen Party short story
        Making Personal Narrative corrections
        *Read 30 minutes
        *Journal #1 due 11/12

Thursday:  Finish A Stolen Party
        Brainstorm ideas for Kromrey is the best.
        *Read 30 minutes

Friday:  Look at "critical moments" in a short story
        Practice writing paragraph for Kromrey is the best
         *Read 30 minutes