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Week of November 5

posted Nov 5, 2012, 1:40 PM by Sherry Jacobsen
Monday:  Discussion of 1st Quarter Grades
              Discussed Formal Reports, Upham Woods Projects, and Multiple Choice Assessments
Tuesday:  Discuss Essay from Unit A Test
               Assess overall grade
               Decide whether corrections or a retake is necessary
Wednesday:  Introduce Unit F Evolution-Science notebook are necessary
                    Read Here Today, Gone Tomorrow (activity 89) p. F4-5
Thursday:  Finish reading activity 89 p. F6-8
                Work on Analysis #4
                *Analysis p.F9 #4
Friday: Read p. F10 Figuring out Fossils (activity 90)
           Perform Lab
           End of 1st Quarter
           *all corrections and retakes are due today
Social Studies
Monday:  Introduce Early Humans Project
              Pick species and 3 topics of journal entries
              *Project due November 12
Tuesday:  GREAT
                *Study vocab
Wednesday:  Research 1st and 2nd topics for project
                *Study for Early Humans Test
Thursday:  Take Early Humans Test
                *Research 3rd topic for project
Friday:  Discuss Early Humans Test
           Write 3 journal entries
            *Early Humans Project due 11/12
*Next Theme Day is Egyptain Day on
November 28.  Start thinking about
a costume.