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Week of November 14

posted Nov 17, 2016, 1:47 PM by Sherry Jacobsen
Monday:  Finish Fossilized Footprints (91)
                Do Part B
                Intro Time for Change (92)
                Read p. F 16
                *Analysis p. F 15 #1,2,3b

Tuesday: Time for Change (92)
                Do Part A
                Intro Reading the Rocks (93)
                Read p. F21
                *Analysis p. F 20 #1,3
Wednesday: Figure out Fossils (90)
                Read p. F10
                Begin observing and recording fossils

Thursday: Compare drill core samples
                Intro Meeting of the Minds (94)
                *Analysis p. F 23 #1-3, 6
Friday:  Complete Role Play
               Read p. F 25-28
                *Study Guide #1-2
Jacobsen Literacy
Monday: Practice inferences
                *Read 30 minutes
                *Choice Journal #2 due 11/18

Tuesday: Pick Social Issue book with partner
                Discuss "tracking" your reading
                *Choice Journal #2 due 11/18
                *Read 30 minutes
Wednesday:  Discuss Plot
                *Read 30 minutes
                *Choice Journal #2 due 11/18
Thursday:  Practice Plot
                *Read 30 minutes
                *Choice Journal #2

Friday:  Intro new read aloud
              Review theme
              *Read 30 minutes