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Week of May 6

posted May 7, 2013, 2:16 PM by Sherry Jacobsen
Monday:  Read Show Me the Genes (63)
                Read p. D41-46
                Do Stop and Thinks #1-5
                *Anayasis p. D47 #1
Tuesday:  Discuss the critters other traits
                Read p. D51-53
                Perform Breeding Critters --More Traits (65) lab
                *Enjoy Band Concert
Wednesday:  Create the phenotype of critter
                *Analysis p. D54 #2-8
Thursday:  Discuss Patterns in Pedigrees (66)
                Read p. D56-59
                Do Stop and Think #1-2
Friday:  Finish pedigrees
            Read p. D60-63
            Do Stop and Thinks #3-5
            Work on Anaylsis p. D63 #1
Jacobsen Social Studies
Monday:  Discuss Ancient Civilizations Assessment
                Introduce the Middle Ages
                Watch video
                *Vocab Box #1
Tuesday:  Discuss Feudalism
                Read p. 463-464
                Discuss Medieval Day May 23
                Discuss End of Year fieldtrip
                *Medieval Day slip due 5/10    
                *Fieldtrip and Monday due 5/17
                *Study Guide #1-2
                *Read Mind Your Manors and do matching activity
Wednesday:  Continue discussing the times in Europe
                Read p. 465-469
                Read People of Middle Ages and Knighthood & Armor
                *Knighthood and Armor questions
                *Medieval Day slip due 5/10
                *Fieldtrip and Monday due 5/17
Thursday:  Discuss castles
                *Study Guide #3-6
                *Vocab Box #2
                *Medieval Day slip due 5/10
                *Fieldtrip and Monday due 5/17
Friday:  Discuss parts of a castle
              *Vocab Box #3
              *Fieldtrip and Monday due 5/17