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Week of May 4

posted May 7, 2015, 8:39 AM by Sherry Jacobsen
Monday:  Introduce Incomplete dominance and Co-dominance
                Read Breeding Critters --More Traits (65) p. D 51-54
                Complete procedures #1-6

Tuesday:  Create critter based on data
                Make observations
                *Analysis p. D 54 #1-8
                *Study Guide #1-4

Wednesday:  Discuss Patterns in Pedigrees (66)
                Read p. D-56-58
                Do Stop and Think #1
                *Study Guide #5-8

Thursday:  Continue with pedigrees
                Read p. D 59-63
                Do Stop and Thinks #2-6
                *Study Guide #9-12

Friday:  Practice finding patterns in pedigrees
            Introduce What Would You Do?
            Read p. D 66
            *Analysis p. D 63 #1-4
            *Study Guide #13-16

Jacobsen Social Studies
Monday:  Inca Tribe
                Do Inca map
                Start crossword puzzle
                *Vocab Box #4-5
                *Act of Kindness #19
                *Medieval Feast letter
                *Mesoamerica Assessment 5/7

Tuesday: Discuss Mayan culture
                Read p. 374-375
                Finish Crossword Puzzle
                *Study Guide #13, Vocab Box #6
                *Act of Kindness #19
                *Medieval Feast letter
                *Mesoamerica Assessment 5/7

Wednesday: Complete Central and South America comparison chart
                *Study for Mesoamerica Assessment on 5/7
                *Act of Kindness #19

Thursday:  Take Mesoamerica Assessment

Friday:  Discuss Mesoamerica Assessment
              Intro Middle Ages