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Week of May 26

posted May 22, 2014, 3:10 PM by Sherry Jacobsen
Monday:  No School

Tuesday:  Substitute
                Introduction of Invasive Species
                Read about the Miracle Fish
                Read p. E 4-8
                Fill in perspective sheet

Wednesday:  Pick Invasive Species for Project
                Introduced Species
                Read p. E 9-14
                Divide up research
                *Meet in room 113

Thursday:  Research given topics
                Share information with group
                *Meet in room 113

Friday:  Divide up responsibilities
            Decide on visuals
            Work on presentation
            *Meet in room 113

Jacobsen Social Studies
Monday: No School

Tuesday:  Substitute
               Grade section 2 answers
               Complete interactive reading guide for section 3
               Read p. 481-483
               *Castle 5/28
               *Act of Kindness #26

Wednesday:  Turn in Castle Project
                Complete Medieval Webquest
                *Vocab Box #4
                *Act of Kindness #26

Thursday:  Finish Interactive Guide
                Finish Stain Glass
                *Section 3 #1-2
                *Act of Kindness #26

Friday:  Vocab Game
            Ms. Gauen Presentation
            *Section 3 #3-5