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Week of May 2

posted Apr 29, 2016, 1:34 PM by Sherry Jacobsen
Monday:  Continue learning about Punnett squares
            in Gene Squares (61)
            Read p. D 35-37
            Practice sheet in binder

Tuesday:  Continue practice with squares in binder
            *Analysis p. D 38 #1-4

Wednesday:  Analyzing Genetic Data (62)
            Concluding on germinated seeds
            Read p. D 39
            *Analysis p. D 40 #1-5

Thursday:  Discuss chromosomes and genes
            in Show Me the Genes (63)
            Read p. D 41-44
            Do Stop and Think #1-3

Friday:  Finish Show Me the Genes (63)
            Read p. D 45-46
            Do Stop and Thinks #4-5
            *Analysis p. D 47 #1
Jacobsen Literacy
Monday:  Finish activism practice paragraphs and share
            Finding powerful statistics for argument papers
            *Read 30 minutes
            *Choice Journal #5 due 5/6
Tuesday:  Begin Non Fiction Assessment
            Choose a topic for paper
             *Read 30 minutes
            *Choice Journal #5 due 5/6
Wednesday:  Finish Non Fiction Assessment
            Develop a counter argument for topic
             *Read 30 minutes
            *Choice Journal #5 due 5/6
Thursday:  Discuss rebuking counter arguments
             *Read 30 minutes
            *Choice Journal #5
Friday:  Research sources to support argument claims
            Introduce Fantasy Book Clubs
             *Read 30 minutes