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Week of May 13

posted May 14, 2019, 12:41 PM by Sherry Jacobsen
Monday:  (Substitute) Discover how genes produce traits
            *Study Guide Review 

Tuesday: Discuss ho genes produce traits
            *Analysis p. 73 #1-3
             *Assessment 5/17

Wednesday:Create a model of when a mutations occurs
          *Analysis p. 78 #1-4
          *Assessment 5/17            
Thursday Review for the Assessment
Friday: Take Assessment
         *Turn in missing work

Monday: (Substitute)  Mini-Work Day
           Mini-power struggles
            *All persuasive papers due 5/8
            *Choice Journal #5 due 5/17
             *Read 30 minutes

Tuesday: Mini-Create Where I'm From poem
          Mini-When character traits collide
             *Choice Journal #5 due 5/17
             *Read 30 minutes
Wednesday: Mini-Analyze If I Were in Charge poem
               Mini-Connections to a group
                *Read 30 minutes
                *Choice Journal #5 due 5/17

Thursday: mini: Create If I Were in Charge poem
                mini-Group identities and traits
                *Read 30 minutes
                *Choice Journal #5 
Friday: Watch 8th grade play of James and the Giant Peach
                *Read 30 minutes