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Week of May 13

posted May 13, 2013, 8:03 PM by Sherry Jacobsen
Monday:  Finish practicing Patterns in Pedigrees (66)
            *Study Guide #1-6
            *Analysis p. D63 #1-5 due 5/15
Tuesday:  Study Hall
            *Study Guide #7-12
            *Anaylsis p. D63 #1-5
Wednesday:  Continue discussion about Joe
            Read What Would You Do? (67)
            p. D 66-70
            Discuss Searching for Lost Children (68)
            *Analysis p. D68 #1-3
            *Study Guide #13-18

Thursday:  Perform lab to Search for the 
            Lost Children (68) Read p. D71
            Begin information on Evidence on DNA (69)
            *Analysis p. D72 #1-2
            *Study Guide #19-24

Friday:  Finish comparing DNA
            Read p. D73-75
            Continue with Finding Lost Children (70)
            *Analysis p. D76 #1-2
            *Study Guide #25-30

Jacobsen Social Studies
Monday:  Discuss parts of a castle
            Read about offense vs defense in a castle
            Watch Castle video
            *Vocab Box 4

Tuesday:  Introduce Castle Project
              Watch Knighthood video
              Finish Castle video

Wednesday:  Read section 2 p. 473-475
                Watch animation
                *Study Guide section 2 #1-2

Thursday:  Explain Castle Project
                *Parent Signature

Friday:  Watch Crusades video
            Finish section 2 reading
            Complete activity on R-14 in Manors
            *Study Guide section #3-5