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Week of May 12

posted May 13, 2014, 7:52 PM by Sherry Jacobsen
Monday:  Substitute
            Continue with Evidence From DNA (69)
            Read p. D 78
            *Analysis p. D 76 #1-3
            *Genetics Assessment 5/16

Tuesday: Substitute
            Discussion on Finding Lost Children (70)
            Read p. D 77-80
            *Analysis p. D 80 #1
            *Genetics Assessment 5/16

Wednesday:  Review for Genetics Assessment
            *Genetics Assessment 5/16
            *Sack lunch for field trip, rain gear

Thursday:  University of Wisconsin Field Trip
            *Genetics Assessment

Friday:  Genetics Assessment

Jacobsen Social Studies
Monday: Continue Discussion on Castles
                Take notes on parts of the castle
                Discuss offense and defense within a castle
                *Finish Offense/Defense sheets
                *Act of Kindness #25

Tuesday:  Play Manors Vocab Game
                 *Act of Kindness #25

Wednesday:  Watch Middle Ages Video 
                *Act of Kindness #25
Thursday:  UW Field trip 
                *Act of Kindness #25
Friday:  Discussion of Castle Project 
                *Act of Kindness #25