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Week of March 31

posted Mar 25, 2014, 8:01 AM by Sherry Jacobsen
Monday:  Intro Unit D Genetics
            Read p. D 4-6
            Perform Investigating Human Traits (54)
            *Retake Unit C assessment by 4/4

Tuesday:  Discuss traits results
            Read p. D 8
            Make plant hypothesis
            Perform Plants Have Genes Too (55)
            *Analysis p. D 7 #1-5 
            *Retake Unit C assessment by 4/4

Wednesday:Intro genetic diseases
            Read p. D 11-13
            Discuss Joe's Dilemma (56)
            Watch video clip 
            *Retake Unit C assessment by 4/4

Thursday:  Discussion on genetic diseases
            *Analysis p. D 13 #1-7
             *Retake Unit C assessment by 4/4

Friday:  Read p. D 15-19
            Discuss animal Reproduction (57)
            Do stop and think questions #1-3

Jacobsen Social Studies
Monday:  Discuss Rise of Christianity
               Read p. 263-269
              *Study Guide #13-15

Tuesday: Intro Chapter 10, section 1
              Read p. 275-279
              Show Constantine video
              *Study Guide #16-18

Wednesday:  Listen to Audio
               Burning of Rome
               Intro Persuasive Letter
               *Finish letter

Thursday:  Share letters in Roman cities
               Read section 2, p. 281-285
               *Study Guide #19-20

Friday:  Play Round 2 Circus Maximus
            *Vocab Box #5