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Week of March 18

posted Mar 17, 2013, 12:35 PM by Sherry Jacobsen   [ updated Mar 17, 2013, 12:37 PM ]
Monday:  Turn in Miracle Drugs or Not lab
              Introduce Maraconda Fever (53) lab
              Discuss simulation and roles
              Play Maraconda Fever 
              *Review #21-24
              *Unit C Assessment 3-21

Tuesday:  Check for Complete Review
               Continue Maraconda Fever
                *Unit C Assessment 3-21

Wednesday:  Review for Unit C Assessment
                *Unit C Assessment

Thursday:  Take Unit C Assessment

Friday:  Springfest College Bowl Competition

Jacobsen Social Studies
Monday:  Check Vocab Box #2
               Read chapter 9, section 3 p. 257-261
               Work on note-taking outline
               Watch aqueduct animation
               *Study Guide #10-12

Tuesday:  Read Gladiators and Circus Maximus Info
                Complete questions
                Watch Ben Hur clip of chariot race
                *Vocab Box #3

Wednesday:  Intro Circus Maximus Game
                Play Round 1
                *Vocab Box #4

Thursday:  Read chapter 9, section 4 p. 263-265
                Discuss College Bowl teams and rules

Friday:  Springfest College Bowl competition