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Week of March 16

posted Mar 17, 2015, 3:01 PM by Sherry Jacobsen
Monday: Substitute
            Read p. C 95 Fighting Back (50)
            Watch video on Alexander Fleming
            Discuss penicillin notes
            *Study Guide #13-15
            *Analysis p. C 94 #1-6

Tuesday:  Finish Reducing Risk lab
            Choose solutions to test
            Read p. C 82-83
            *Study Guide #16-18

Wednesday:  Make Observations
            Watch video on Oxford University and
            penicillin and discuss notes
            Intro The Full Course (51)
            Read p. C 97
            *Study Guide #19-21
            *Analysis p. C 96 #1, 3

Thursday:  Make Observations
            Read p. C98-99
            Fill in anticipation guide before column
            Perform The Full Course lab
            *Study Guide #22-24
            *Unit C Cells Assessment on 3/26

Friday:  Make Observations
            Work Day
            *Analysis p. C 83 #1-4
            *Analysis p. C 99 #1-4, 6
            *Unit C Cells Assessment on 3/26

Jacobsen Social Studies
Monday:  Substitute
            Discuss Julius Caesar
            Read article
            *Vocab Box #3
            *Act of Kindness #12

Tuesday:  Discuss Roman Gladiators and
            Circus Maximus
            Read info in journal
            Watch video clip on chariot races
            *Finish questions in journal

Wednesday:  Play Circus Maximus
            *Vocab Box #4
            *Chapter 9 Assessment on 3/25

Thursday:  Discuss the Development of Christianity
            Read p. 263-269
            *Study Guide #13-15
            *Chapter 9 Assessment on 3/25

Friday:  Watch The Roman City video    
            *Chapter 9 Assessment on 3/25