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Week of March 14

posted Mar 15, 2016, 3:23 PM by Sherry Jacobsen
Monday:  Subsititute
        Pi Day - Lateral Thinking Questions

Tuesday:  Introduce Reducing Risk (47)
            Read p. C 81
            Choose Distinfecting liquids
            *Analysis p. C80 #1-5

Wednesday:  Culture Petri Dishes
            Do procedure #1-8

Thursday:  Observe Cultures
            Discuss Hand Washing in Wash Your Hands, Please! (48)
            Read p. C 84
            Do procedure #1-7
            *Analysis p. C 86 #1-4

Friday:  Observe Cultures
            Read An Ounce of Prevention (49)
            pages C 89-93

Jacobsen Literacy
Monday:  Historical Fiction Long Write
            Check out free choice book for spring break
            Intro College Bowl competition
            *Read 30 minutes

Tuesday:  Revision #1 - add inner thinking moments
            Round 1 college bowl competition
            *Read 30 mintues
            *Choice Journal #8 due 3/18

Wednesday:  Revision #2 - add
            Round 2 collebe bowl competition
            *Read 30 minutes
            *Choice Journal #8 due 3/18

Thursday:  Begin typing historical fiction story
            Round 3 college bowl competition
            *Choice Journal #8
            *Read 30 minutes

Friday:  Fiinish typing historical fiction story
            Block 6R Final Four competition
            *Read 150 minutes over break