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Week of January 5

posted Jan 3, 2015, 6:42 PM by Sherry Jacobsen   [ updated Jan 9, 2015, 1:48 PM ]
Monday: Discuss Unit F Essays and Retakes
              Read Birds of a Feather (101)
              p. F 56-59
              *Analysis p. F 53 #2-4
             *Retakes by 1/19

Tuesday: Organize into new unit
                Unit C - Cells and Disease
                Complete anticipation guide
                Read p. C 4
                *Retakes by 1/19

Wednesday:  Introduce Its Catching
                Brainstorm ways to "catch" a disease
                Read p. C 5-6
                *Bring graph paper

Thursday:  Perform Its Catching (30) lab
                    Discover who started the illness
                    *Finish class graph
                    *Retakes by 1/19

Friday:  Introduce diseases through
                Range of Disease (31)
                Read p. C 8
                Play disease BINGO
                *Analysis p. C 7 #1-3
Jacobsen Social Studies
Monday:    Finish the Mummy's Message
                Introduce Ancient China-chapter 6
                Read p. 147-148
                Analyze geography
                *Finish map
                *Act of Kindness #2 due 1/9

Tuesday:  Study Hall 
                *Act of Kindness #2 due 1/9
                *Vocab Box #1

Wednesday:  Discover the Shang and Zhou Dynasties
                    Read p. 149-151
                    Fill out Shang outline together
                    *Fill in Zhou chart outline
                    *Act of Kindness #2 due 1/9
Thursday:  Discuss Ancient Chinese Philosophies
                 Read p. 153-155
                Fill in Legalism and Confucianism outline
                *Vocab Box #2
                *Act of Kindness #2 due 1/9

Friday:  Learn about Daioism
            Read p. 156-157
            Fill in Daioism chart
            Begin Philosophy activity