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Week of January 29

posted Jan 29, 2018, 2:04 PM by Sherry Jacobsen
Monday: Finish Its Catching lab
             Who started the "virus"
            *Its Catching graph
Tuesday: Read The Range of Disease p. C 8
                Play Disease BINGO
                *Analysis p. C 7 #1,2,3,6
Wednesday: Get Diagnosed diseases
                Research disease
                *Finished research
                *Analysis p. C 11 #1-3
Thursday:  Look at transmission
                Who Infected Whom
                Read p. C 12
                Analyze interview cards
Friday  Test your hypothesis
              *Analysis p. C 15 #1,2,4,5
Monday: Comparing texts with author's purpose
                *Read 30 minutes
                *Choice Journal #2 due 2/2

Tuesday: Word Work practice
                Permission slips to The Tempest
                *Read 30 minutes
                 *Choice Journal #2 due 2/2
                *Research notes (40)
                *Permission slips
Wednesday: Annotation
                Begin outline of notes
                *Read 30 minutes
                *Choice Journal #2 due 2/2           

Thursday: World Read Aloud Day
                Finish Donuthead
                Into Greek Plays
              *Read 30 minutes
              *Choice Journal #2
Friday:Book Club #2
            Finish outline
                *Read 30 minutes