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Week of January 14

posted Jan 14, 2013, 2:55 PM by Sherry Jacobsen
Monday:  Turn in p.C17
               Finish reading Story of Leprosy (34) p. 19-20
               Do Stop and Writes
                *Analysis p. C20 #1-5
Tuesday:  Read p. C21- 24 A License to Learn (35)
                Discuss function of microscope and how to earn their license
                *Microscope ID
                *Microscope License Quiz on 1/18
Wednesday:  Practice using microscopes
                  Discover total magnification
                *Finish magnification
                *Microscope License Quiz on 1/18
Thursday:  Read p.C25
                 Make a dry and wet mount slide
                *Analysis p. C26 #1-4
                *Microscope License Quiz on 1/18
Friday:  Take Microscope License Quiz
            Read p. C27 Looking for Signs of Micro-Life (36)
            Practice using different objectives and drawing specimens
Jacobsen Social Studies
Monday:  Practice using the 3 philosophies in everyday situations
            *Vocab Box #3
Tuesday:  Learn about the Han and Qin Dynasties
                Read p. 159-163
                Complete Venn Diagram
                *Study Guide #8-10
Wednesday:  Ancient China's Legacies
                Read p. 165-169
                Work on Interactive Reading Guide
                *Vocab Box #4
Thursday:  Finish Interactivie Reading Guide
                *Study Guide #11-12
Friday:  Discuss the Silk Roads
            Begin the Silk Road Journal
            *Finish Journal