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Week of January 12

posted Jan 9, 2015, 2:12 PM by Sherry Jacobsen   [ updated Jan 15, 2015, 7:40 AM ]
Monday:  (Substitute)
                Introduce Leprosy
                Read the Story of Leprosy (34)
                p. C 19-21
                Answer Stop and Write questions
                *Analysis p. C 20 #1-4

Tuesday:Follow the line of transmission in
            Who Infected Whom (32) lab
            Test hypothesis
            *Analysis p. C 7 #1-3

Wednesday: (Substitute)
                Discuss Bubonic Plague
                Read p. C 17 in From One to Another (33)
                Watch video
                *Analysis p. C 17 #1-5

Thursday:  Follow line of transmission with new info
            *Analysis p, C 15 #1-5

Friday:  Winterfest - No science

Jacobsen Social Studies

Monday: (Substitute)
               Finish Philosophy activity
               Discuss the Qin and Han Dynasty
               Read section 3 p. 159-163
               Fill in Venn Diagram
                *Finish Qin and Han Venn Diagram
                *Act of Kindness #3 due 1/15

Tuesday:  Do Study Guide questions #7-10
                Watch Great Wall of China video
                 *Act of Kindness #3 due 1/15
                 *Vocab Box #3

Wednesday:  Introduce The Legacies of Ancient China
                    In small group read section 4 p. 165-169
                    Begin working on Interactive Reading Guide in journal
                     *Act of Kindness #3 due 1/15
                    *Vocab Box #4

Thursday:  Finish Interactive Reading Guide for section 4
                *Reading Guide due 1/20
                 *Act of Kindness #4 due 1/23
                *Vocab Box #5

Friday:  Winterfest - No Social Studies