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Week of February 24

posted Feb 25, 2014, 6:53 AM by Sherry Jacobsen   [ updated Feb 26, 2014, 2:23 PM ]
Monday:  Introduce classification
              in Who's Who (44)
             Read p. C 66
            Begin classifying organisms

Tuesday:  Finish classifying organisms
           into kingdoms using the Dichotomous Key in Who's Who (44)
Wednesday:  Continue looking Kingdom characteristics
            Discuss Formal Report evaluations
            *Analysis p. C 67 #3
            *Formal Report Corrections

Thursday:  Do Anticipation Guide in Binder
            Review microbes in
            World of Microbes (45)
            Read p. 68-74
            Do Stop and Thinks #1-3
            *Analysis p. C 74-75 #1-7
            *Formal Report Corrections

Friday:  Discover blood typing
            in Disease Fighters (46)
            *Formal Report Corrections

Jacobsen Social Studies
Monday:  Read chapter 8, section 1
            Athenian Democracy and War
            p. 209-212
             *Act of Kindness

Tuesday: Read p. 213-215
             Complete section 1 notes outline
            *Study Guide #14-16
            *Greece Assessment on 3/4

Wednesday:  Discuss Alexander the Great
            Read section 2 p. 217-221
            Watch animation on classzones website
            Fill in cause and effect chart
            *Study Guide #17
            *Greece Assessment on 3/4

Thursday:  Discuss Ancient Greek contributions
            in The Golden Age of Greece
            Read section 3 p. 223-229
            Begin contribution chart
            *Vocab Box #6
            *Greece Assessment on 3/4

Friday:  Finish contribution chart
            Discuss contributions
            *Study Guide #18-19
            *Greece Assessment on 3/4