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Week of February 2

posted Feb 1, 2015, 6:17 PM by Sherry Jacobsen   [ updated Feb 4, 2015, 6:58 AM ]
Monday:  Substitute
               Practice making wet mount slides
              in Microbes, Plants, and You (38)
              Read p. C 40
              Perform Parts A and C
              *Finish Germ Theory Timeline due 2/4
              *Review #1-2

               Study Hall
              *Review #3-4
              *Analysis p. C 33 #1-3

Wednesday:  Finish Microbes, Plants, and You
                Perform Parts B and D
                *Review #5-6
                *Analysis p. C 43 #1-6

Thursday:  View protists in Looking for Signs of Mirco-Life (36)
                Read p. C 27-28
                Discuss compressed slides difference
                Perform lab
                *Review #7-8

Friday:  Introduce Formal Investigative Report
            Read Cells Alive (39) p, C 44
            *Review #9-10
            *Analysis p. C 29 #1-4

Jacobsen Social Studies
Monday:  Finish reading The Legacy of India
              p. 137-139
              Finish study guide questions
              Venn Diagram Assessment in journal    
               Introduce Ancient Greece
               watch video
               *Act of Kindness #6
                *Venn Diagram due 2/4

Tuesday:  Discuss Geography of Greece
                Read chapter 7, section 1 p. 177-181
                Watch animation of geography
                Introduce vocabulary
                *Venn Diagram
                *Aegean Region map
                *Study Guide #4-5
                *Act of Kindness #6

Wednesday:  Introduce Ancient Greece Mount Olympus simulation game
                    Create city-states, leaders, and oracles
                    *Vocab Box #1 
                    *Act of Kindness #6

Thursday:  Mount Olympus game
                Do Jigsaw activity with section 2
                p. 183-187
                *Vocab Box #2 
                *Act of Kindness #6
Friday:  Mount Olympus game
            Finish Jigsaw and share with city-state
            *Study Guide #6-7