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Week of February 11

posted Feb 11, 2013, 2:24 PM by Sherry Jacobsen
Monday: Perform Microbes, Plants, and You (38) lab
              Read pages C40-43
            *Review #14-16
Tuesday:  Early Release
            *Review #17
Wednesday:  Finish drawing plant cells
            Introduce A Cell Model (40)
            Read p. C48
            *Anaylsis p. C43 #2,3,5,6
Thursday:  Reivew for Disease Assessment
Friday:  Take Disease Assessment
Jacobsen Social Studies
Monday:  Finish section 2 Jigsaw activity
            *Study Guide #6-7
Tuesday:  Meet with Mr. Bartman about 7th grade registration
            *Registration forms due 2/25
Wednesday:  Complete section 3 Interactive Reading Guide
            *Vocab Box #3
Thursday:  Finish section 3 activity
            *Study Guide #8-10
Friday:  Discuss differences between Sparta and Athens
             Read section 4
            *Complete comparison chart