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Week of February 1

posted Feb 1, 2016, 5:44 PM by Sherry Jacobsen
Monday:  Perform Germ Theory skits

Tuesday:  Finish History of Germ Theory (37) scientists
                Introduce Looking for Signs of Micro-Life (36)
                Read p. C 27
                *Analysis p. C 39 #1-3 & Timeline

Wednesday:  Perform microorganism lab
                *Analysis p. C 29 #1-3

Thursday:  Compare different types of cells
                Intro Microbes, Plants, and You (38)
                Read p. C 40
                Perform Part A and B in lab

Friday:  Finish Microbes, Plants, and You (38)
             Perform Part C and D
            *Analysis p. C 43 #1-6 (skip 4)
Jacobsen Literacy
Monday:  Make final edits on Ancient Egypt Research Paper
            *Read 30 minutes & log
            *Final copy of research paper

Tuesday:  Book Club Discussion #3
            Brainstorm ideas for inquiry project of the 1960s
            Determine inquiry groups
            Read chapter 11 in Glory Be
            *Read 30 minutes & log
            *Long Write

Wednesday:  Introduce Greek plays
            Determine cast for each play
            Create inquiry presentation mode
            Read chapter 12 in Glory Be
            *Read 30 minutes & log

Thursday:  Read through scripts
            Pick roles
            Begin research on 1960s topic
            *Read 30 minutes & log

Friday:  Practice lines in play
            Continue research
            *Read 30 minutes & log
            *Book Club Discussion #4