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Week of December 9

posted Dec 8, 2013, 6:32 PM by Sherry Jacobsen   [ updated Dec 9, 2013, 1:48 PM ]
Monday:  Turn in Whale of a Tale lab (99)
               Introduce DNA through DNA Evidence Within (100)
               Perform Part A and Part B skipping 5
               *Finish Review Questions
               *Analysis p. F 53 #2-4

Tuesday:  Turn in DNA Evidence Within (100)
               Turn in Review
               Read Birds of a Feather lab (101)
               Discuss extinct animals
               *Analysis p. F 60 #5

Wednesday:  Review for Unit F Assessment on Evolution
                *Analyze mistakes from review

Thursday:  Take Unit F Assessment

Friday:  Discuss Assessment and Retake Options
            Change Lab Partner    
            Introduce Unit C Disease and Cells
            *Retakes by December 20

Jacobsen Social Studies
Monday:Ancient Egypt Tableau activity
            *Act of Kindness #7
            *Webquest due 12/11

Tuesday:Work on Egypt Assessment
            *Vocab Box #6
            *Section 3+4 Quiz
            *Take home assessment due 12/13

Wednesday:Take section 3 + 4 quiz
            Play vocab game
            *Assessment due 12/13

Thursday:Finish GREAT presentations
            Vocab game
            *Assessment due 12/13

Friday:Turn in Assessment
            Work on the Mummy's Message
            *Act of Kindness #8