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Week of December 3

posted Dec 3, 2012, 1:35 PM by Sherry Jacobsen
Monday:  Turn in Meeting of Minds (94) lab
               Perform Hiding in the Background (95)
               *Anaylsis p. F32 #1-4 & 6
               *Bring graph paper
Tuesday:  Turn in Hiding in the Background (95)
               Read p. F33-34
               Perform Battling Beaks (96) lab
               *Anaylsis p. F35 #1-5
Wednesday:  Turn in Battling Beaks (96)
                    Do Antiticipation Guide (binder p. F103)
                    Read p.F38-42 Origin of Species (97)
                    Answer 4 Stop and Think questions
                    *Bring graph paper
Thursday:  Work on Anaylsis p.F42 #1-4
                Read p.F43-45 Family Histories (98)
                Perform Lab
                *Analysis p. F42 #1-4
Friday:  Work on Anaylsis p. F46 #1-4
            Read p.F48-49
            Perform A Whale of a Tale (99) lab
           *Analysis p. F46 #1-4
           *Evolution Assessment on 12/14
Social Studies
Monday:  Finish Viewing The Great Pyramid video
              *GREAT project due 12/4
Tuesday:  GREAT project presentations
               *Vocab box 3
Wednesday:  Go through The Great Pyramid
                    animation activity in classzones
                    *Finish The Great Pyramid wkst
                    *Vocab box 4
Thursday:  Grade wkst
                 Mummification Discussion
                 *Vocab box 5
                 *Egypt Assessment on 12/13
Friday:  King Tut and the "Curse" Discussion
            Read section 4 p. 103-107
            *Vocab box 6
            *Section 4 #1-5