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Week of December 2

posted Dec 2, 2013, 7:34 PM by Sherry Jacobsen
Monday:  Continue reading Origin of Species (97)
                Finish stop and think questions
                Introduce classification system through Family Histories (98) lab
                *Review #20-24
                *Analysis p. F 42 #1-4

Tuesday:  Study Hall
                *Review #25-29

Wednesday:  Turn in Origin of Species
                Finish analyzing graphs in Family Histories (98)
                Introduce Whale of a Tale (99)
                *Review #30-34
                *Analysis p. F 46 #1-4

Thursday:  Turn in Family Histories
                Finish analyzing skeleton cards
                Introduce DNA for comparison of species
                *Review #35-39
                *Assessment on 12/12

Friday:  Egypt Day

Jacobsen Social Studies
Monday:  Discussion of Early Human Projects
                and expectations of GREAT projects
                Finish Pyramid video
                *Read/Listen to section 3 pages 95-99
                *GREAT graduation letter signed
Tuesday:  Discuss King Tut, his curse, and current findings
                *Vocab Box #5
                *GREAT graduation letter signed

Wednesday:  GREAT project presentations
                *Read/Listen to section 4 pages 103-107
                *GREAT graduation letter signed

Thursday:  Do the Pyramid Webquest
                *Dress Egyptian Style
                *GREAT graduation letter signed

Friday:  Egyptian Day
            *Act of Kindness #7