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Week of December 11

posted Dec 13, 2017, 3:32 PM by Sherry Jacobsen
Monday: Sort owl pellet bones into categories

Tuesday: Glue bones into skeleton

Wednesday: Analysis information from skeleton
                *Analysis p. E 38 #1-4
Thursday:  Discuss decomposers
                Read p. E 46 Nature's Recyclers (80)
                Do procedure A
                Intro Producers Source of Energy (81)
                Read p. E 50
Friday:  Complete procedure B
              Discover results
              *Analysis p. E 49 #1-4
Monday: Write personal essay intro
                Read aloud Donuthead
                *Read 30 minutes
                *Choice Journal #6 due 12/15

Tuesday: Compare themes to two texts
                Write personal essay conclusion
                Discuss subject/predicates
                Practice writing simple sentences
                *Read 30 minutes
                 *Choice Journal #6 due 12/15
Wednesday:  Partner reading with short stories
                Discuss Theme assessment
                Practice sentence versus fragment
                *Read 30 minutes
                *Choice Journal #6 due 12/15            

Thursday: Small group instruction: Jargon, Capitalization, Homophones, Transitions
                Compare characters in two texts with similar theme
              *Read 30 minutes
              *Choice Journal #6 due 12/15  
Friday: Small group instruction: Quotes, Compound sentences, FANBOYS, Semicolons
                Compare setting in two texts with similar themes
                *Read 30 minutes