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Week of December 10

posted Dec 11, 2012, 2:04 PM by Sherry Jacobsen
Monday:  Mrs. Jacobsen absent
            Finish Family Histories graph
            Read p. F48-49
           *Do Analysis p. F46 #1-4
           *Do Study Guide Questions #19-27
Tuesday:  Turn in Family Histories and Origin of Species Labs
              Finish "A Whale of a Tale"
             Work on Study Guide
            *Do Analysis p. F50 #1-4 (skip 3)
            *Do Study Guide Questions #28-35
Wednesday:  Turn in p. F50
              Complete DNA: The Evidence Within (100) lab
            *Do Analysis p. F53 #1-4
            *Finish Study Guide
Thursday:  Review for Evolution Assessment
            *Correct study guide
Friday:  Take Evolution Assessment
Social Studies
Monday:  Mrs. Jacobsen absent
            Finish reading section 4
            *Do Section 4 questions
            *Do Study Guide Questions #4-5
Tuesday:  Begin to Solve the Mummies Message
              Turn in section 4 questions
              *Do Study Guide Questions #6
Wednesday:  Review for Test
Thursday:  Take Egypt Test
                 Turn in Egypt vocab boxes
Friday:  Introduction India unit