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Week of April 7

posted Apr 4, 2014, 3:49 PM by Sherry Jacobsen   [ updated Apr 10, 2014, 8:09 AM ]
Monday:  Continue with discussion on Reproduction (57)
                Do Stop and Think 4, Read p. D 20
                *Analysis p. D 21 #1-3

Tuesday:  Read Creature Feature (58) model 
                p. D 22-25, Do Stop and Think #1-3
                *Bring orange and blue colors

Wednesday:  Complete modeling genes simulation
                Introduce recessive and dominant
                in Gene Combo (59)
                Read p. D 27
                Begin coin toss lab
                *Analysis p. D 26 #1-2

Thursday:  Finish coin toss lab
            Analyze class data
            *Analysis p. D 29 #1-7

Friday:  Discuss Mendel, First Geneticist (60)
            Read p. D 31-33
            Do Stop and Thinks #1-3

Jacobsen Social Studies
Monday:  Watch Roman City video
             *Vocab Box #6

Tuesday:  Finish Roman City video
               *Study Roman Geography for Assessment on 4/15

Wednesday:  Discuss Byzantine Empire
                Read p. 287-291, section 3
                Do Study Guide #21-22
               *Study Fall of Rome and Christianity for Assessment on 4/15

Thursday:  Discuss Ancient Roman Legacy
                Do reading interactive guide for
                section 4 p. 293-299
                *Study Justinian and Jesus for Assessment on 4/15

Friday:  Finish Reading Interactive Guide
            *Study Guide #23-24
            *Assessment Ancient Rome on 4/15