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Week of April 25

posted Apr 21, 2016, 4:47 PM by Sherry Jacobsen   [ updated Apr 25, 2016, 2:54 PM ]
Monday:  Introduce simple inherited traits
        Read p. D 22-25 in Creature Features (58) lab
        Do Stop and Thinks #1-3
        *Analysis p. D 26 1-2

Tuesday:  Read Gene Combo (59)
        page D 27
        Perform lab to discover dominant genes
Wednesday:  Finish Gene Combo lab
        Discover Gregor Mendel on page D 31
        *Analysis p. D 29 #1-7

Thursday:  Continue reading about
        Mendel, First Geneticist (60)
        pages D 32-34
        Do Stop and Thinks #1-3
        *Analysis p. D 34 #1-3

Friday:  Introduce Punnett squares
        in Gene Squares (61)
        Read p. D 35-37
        Practice square using journal page
Jacobsen Literacy
Monday:  Discuss Historical Fiction Papers
           Introduce Persuasive paper
           Practice persuasive paper with On Demand writing
           Discuss Word meaning and context clues
            *Read 30 minutes
            *Choice Journal #4 due 4/29

Tuesday:  Practice nonfiction text reading skills on activism articles
            Look at the pros and cons of topics using a T chart
            *Read 30 minutes
            *Choice Journal #4 due 4/29

Wednesday:  Continue reading activism articles
            Practice using strong reasons for persuasion
            *Read 30 minutes
            *Choice Journal #4 due 4/29

Thursday:  Organize activism article notes
            Brainstorm ideas for passionate topics
            *Read 30 minutes
            *Choice Journal #4 due 4/29

Friday:  Finishing organizing article notes
            Begin writing paragraph
            Start generating ideas for persuasive essay
            *Read 30 minutes
            *Choice Journal #4 due 4/29