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Week of April 23

posted Apr 23, 2018, 1:56 PM by Sherry Jacobsen
Monday: Analyze results of cleaning solutions
            *Reducing Risk analysis
            *Study Guide #1,4
Tuesday: Discover how effective is their handwashing
            Read p. C 84
            Perform black light lab
           *Analysis p. C 74 #1-7
            *Study Guide #5-7
Wednesday Intro Disease Fighters 
            Read p. C 76-77
            Draw RBC and WBC
            *Analysis p. C 86 #1-4   
            *Study Guide #8-10

Thursday: Perform Disease Fighters lab
            *Analysis p. C 80 #1-5
            *Study Guide #13-16
Friday: Discuss an Ounce of Prevention
            Read p. C 89
            Pick role play parts
            Read scene 1
            *Study Guide #11,12
Monday: Look at actions and reactions of characters
                Practice looking at both sides of an issue
                *Choice Journal #2 due 4/27
                 *Read 30 minutes    

Tuesday:Looking into deeper and more thoughtful discussion
                Investigating different topics
                 *Choice Journal #2 due 4/27
                 *Read 30 minutes             
Wednesday:Looking at power control in characters
                Finding powerful statistics
                *Read 30 minutes
                *Choice Journal #2 due 4/27      

Thursday: Looking at how character traits collide
               Print out articles on topic
              *Read 30 minutes
              *Choice Journal #2
Friday:  Looking at a future course of study
              Practicing strong claims
                *Read 30 minutes