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Week of April 2

posted Apr 6, 2018, 11:01 AM by Sherry Jacobsen
Monday:  Discuss the size of cells
                Read page C 48 and 52
                Perform lab
Tuesday: A Closer Look
            Read p. C 55-59
            Do Stop & Think #1-4
            *Analysis p. C 54 #1-4
Wednesday Microbes Under View
            Read p. C 62
            View 2/5 slides
            *Analysis p. C 60-61 #1-5
Thursday: View rest of the slides
            *Analysis p. C 65 #1-3, 5
Friday: Who's Who
           Read p. C 66
           Classify microbes

Monday: Read book club book
                Read aloud
                Intro historical fiction paper
                 *Read 30 minutes    

Tuesday: Read aloud
                Book Club book
                Work on paper
                 *Read 30 minutes             
Wednesday: Read aloud
                Book Club #3
                Work on paper
                *Read 30 minutes  
                *Long Write #3    

Thursday:  Work on paper
                Read aloud
              *Read 30 minutes
Friday:Work on paper
            Read aloud
                *Read 30 minutes