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Week of September 17

posted Sep 17, 2018, 12:28 PM by Sue Giles
Please READ at home every night!! 
 30 minutes is the goal***Reminder:   
The goal for students is to read at
least 5 books from at least 3 different 
genres per quarter. 
Monday:  Journal #2 due Friday
                What is Reading Stamina?
               "As You Like It" play Day 4
Tuesday:  Journal #2 due Friday
                How to pick a Just Right Book
               "As You Like It" play Day 5                              
Wednesday:  Journal #2 due Friday
                What to do when comprehension breaks down
                "As You Like It" character web/summary
Thursday: Journal #2 due Friday
                 Reading Strategy #1: Metacognition
                 "As You Like It" Day 6
Friday:   Start Journal #3 for next week
               Continue Metacognition
                "As You Like It" Day 7
Social Studies:  
Monday: Latitude and Longitude World Map practice
Tuesday: Finish L/L practice due Wednesday
Wednesday: Using Map Scale: practice due Thurs. 
Thursday:  World Geography Scavenger Hunt
Friday:   World Geography Scavenger Hunt