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Week of October 10

posted Oct 10, 2016, 11:07 AM by Sue Giles
Social Studies
Monday: CNN/Hominid group activity
        HW:  no homework
Tuesday: Finish group activity
        HW: no homework
Wednesday: CNN/Write hominid diary entry
        HW: finish diary entry
Thursday: Early Human review game (hominid groups/vocabulary)
        HW: no homework
Friday: Work on current events project due Nov. 1
       HW: no homework

Literacy- Giles
Monday: Work on Reading strategies/Long write #2/CBITS survey
              HW;  Read 30 minutes/Reading strategies and Long Write due Tues.
Tuesday: Finish Personal Narrative flash draft/Read and Post-its
              HW:  Read 30 minutes/Journal #6 due Friday
Wednesday: Personal Narrative-story meaning/Read and Post-its
               HW: Read 30 minutes/Journal #6 due Friday
Thursday: Personal Narrative-dialogue/Reading Strategies assessment
          HW:  Read 30 minutes/Journal #6 due Friday
Friday: Personal Narrative-meaningful action/Reading Strategies assessment
           HW: Read 30 minutes/day