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Week of November 28

posted Nov 28, 2016, 5:50 AM by Sue Giles
Social Studies
Monday: Finish research for Egypt Project (10 facts for each of 2 topics)
        HW:  Finish research due tomorrow    
Tuesday:  Write "What I Learned"paragraphs for Egypt Project
        HW: Finish paragraphs
Wednesday: Create notebook pages for Egypt Project 
      HW:  Project due 12/5
Thursday: Work on notebook pages for Egypt Project
        HW:  Project due 12/5
Friday: Egypt Day- no class
       HW: Finish project if needed- due 12/5

Literacy- Giles
Monday:  Finish writing Realistic Fiction short story/reading work
              HW;  Read 30 minutes/Journal #3 due Thursday/finish story
Tuesday:  Type short story/begin revisions/reading work
              HW:  Read 30 minutes/Journal #3 due Thursday
Wednesday:  Revise/Edit story/reading work
              HW: Read 30 minutes/Journal #3 due Thursday
Thursday: Share stories/book partnership discussion
          HW:  Read 30 minutes
Friday: Egypt Day- no class
           HW: Read 30 minutes/day