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Week of May 6

posted May 6, 2013, 10:03 AM by Sue Giles   [ updated May 7, 2013, 10:36 AM ]
DeYoung/Giles social studies:
Monday:  start Middle Ages  HW:  vocab box #1
Tuesday:  Read p. 463-467  HW:  Study guide #1-3, Mind Your Manors and People of the Middle Ages sheets
Wednesday:  Read p. 467-469 and Read Knighthood and Armor  HW: Knighthood and Armor sheet
Thursday:  Castles discussion  HW:  study guide #4-6 and vocab box #2
Friday:  continue castle discussion  HW:  vocab box #3
Monday:  Catherine Called Birdy- finish October and do discussion questions  HW:  Choice Book Activity due tomorrow
Tuesday:  start Choice Book Activity #3 due 5/15  HW:  READ 30 minutes
Wednesday: Catherine- read November and do discussion questions  HW: READ 30 minutes and review for Sept-Nov quiz Thursday in L.A.
Thursday:  Read Choice Book  HW: READ 30 minutes- Choice Book Activity #3 due 5/15
Friday:  finish reading Dec.  HW:  READ choice book- Choice Book Activity #3 due 5/15
Language Arts:
Monday:  work on Choice Journals or read choice book  HW:  journals 9-10
Tuesday:  study hall
Wednesday:  start poetry unit  HW:  journals 9-10
Thursday: take Catherine quiz for Sept-Nov and start reading Dec.
Friday: work on poetry  HW:  journals 9-10