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Week of June 1

posted Jun 2, 2015, 9:16 AM by Sue Giles
DeYoung/Giles social studies
Monday:  Finish Sec 3 and do Study Guide questions for Sec 3  HW:  Middle Ages project due Wed.
Tuesday:   Read Sec 4 p. 489-490 and do Study Guide #1  HW;  Middle Ages project due Wed.
Wednesday:  Read Sec 4 p. 491-493  HW:  Study Guide #2-4 and VB #4
Thursday:  Review game for test on Monday  HW:  review for test
Friday:   HW:  review for test
Monday:  Finish Catherine book/discussion questions/Reading poetry out loud  HW:  Read 30 min./CBA #5 due Friday
Tuesday:  Read for CBA #5/Reading poetry out loud  HW;  Read 30 min./CBA #5 due Friday
Wednesday:  Review for Catherine test Friday/work on writing portfolio  HW:  Read 30 min./CBA #5 due Friday
Thursday:  Work on CBA #5/Portfolio work  HW:  BOOKMARK SIGNATURE, Read 30 min/CBA #5 due Friday
Friday:  Catherine Test/work on Portfolio  HW:  Read 30 min