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Week of February 29

posted Feb 29, 2016, 9:55 AM by Sue Giles   [ updated Feb 29, 2016, 1:45 PM ]
Social Studies
Monday: Discuss the role of democracy in the outcome of the Persian War  HW: none
Tuesday:  Sec. 2 Alexander the Great   HW: none
Wednesday: Map of Alexander's Empire   
        HW: finish map questions
Thursday:  Classical Greece timeline 
        HW: finish timeline questions
Friday: Sec 3 The Golden Age of Greece notes  HW:  none
Literacy- Giles
Monday: David Daniel/Read Glory Be 
             HW: Read 30 min/Journal #5 due Friday
Tuesday: Historical Fiction writing prep/Glory Be
                 HW: Read 30 min/Journal #5 due Friday 
Wednesday: Independent reading/HF writing prep 
              HW:  Read 30 min/Journal #5 due Friday
Thursday:   Skype with Glory Be author/HF writing prep
              HW:   Read 30 min/Journal #5 due Friday
Friday:      Independent reading/HF writing 
               HW:  read 30 min/day