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Week of February 27

posted Feb 28, 2017, 6:16 AM by Sue Giles
Social Studies
Monday: Pericles and the Delian League-reading and questions
        HW: no homework
Tuesday: Alexander the Great-reading and quesitons
        HW: no homework
Wednesday: Greek Philosophers discusssion
      HW: no homework
Thursday: The Legacy of Greece
        HW: no homework
Friday: NEWSELA 
       HW: No Homework

Literacy- Giles
Monday:  Historical Fiction story revisions
              HW;  Read 30 minutes/Journal #5
Tuesday: Skype with author/wrap up Glory Be reading work
              HW:  Read 30 minutes/Journal #5 due Friday
Wednesday: Start informational text unit/Revisions on Historical Fiction stories
              HW: Read 30 minutes/Journal #5 due Friday
Thursday: Informational text work/non-fiction reading time
          HW:  Read 30 minutes/ Journal #5 due Friday
Friday: Informational text work/non-fiction reading time
           HW: Read 30 minutes